Recent protests at NFL games have angered a lot of fans. People are burning jerseys, t-shirts, and game tickets.

A friend in New York recently posted about Giant fans burning their season tickets in protest. That, on the other hand, may simply be due to the team's poor performance so far. New York fans are merciless.

Sorry, I digress.

This is happening in NFL cities all over America. I think that's pretty stupid. It's like taking a few hundred dollars out of your wallet and burning it.

Here's a better idea: sell your tickets and donate the money to hurricane relief.

The US territory of Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Those people are American citizens. President Trump has expressed, via Twitter, his reluctance to send help. Instead of burning your gear, donate it to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or your church.

You'll help fellow Americans less fortunate than yourself.

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