An Illinois man has found the secret to his own brand of 'suck - cess.'

47 year - old Jamie Keaton of Oak Lawn, IL has a medical condition that causes his skin to behave like the suction cups of an octopus' tentacles, reports ABC News.

Keeton's doctor, Dr. Win Myint,  says that Keeton's skin can 'suck up things,' allowing him to stick just about any inanimate object to his head and other body parts without them falling off.

Myint says Keeton's condition is a mystery, though not a dangerous one. 'I'm not quite sure why his skin is like that, but he is definitely not sick and in fairly good shape.'

Keeton says just about anything sticks to his skin. Though he's known for sticking cans to his head (earning him the moniker, 'Canhead') Keeton can also adhere other objects to his skin, with the exception of fabric.

Keeton has turned his unique ability into an equally unique business, entertaining people and profiting from endorsements and appearances. 'In the last five years, I've made it into a business.People pay me to wear their products, to advertise their names or business on my shirt or cans. I also MC events, concerts, sporting events, parties, anything."

Visit Keeton's Instagram account to see 'Canhead' in action, as well as his many photos with celebrities like Adam Sandler and George Clooney.