On Thursday, the White House presented information that suggested that sunlight and humidity weakens COVID-19.

This is something that Infectious Disease Expert Rik Heller has been studying and discussing for the past ten years!

He joins Brandon Comeaux to discuss how heat and humidity play a role in slowing down viruses and how a virus like this one can thrive during the winter, which it did.

As Governor John Bel Edwards is asking us to "mask up," Heller addresses the importance of masks in helping to slow the virus.

Heller shares his concerns about reopening the economy across the country too soon and about a second wave of COVID-19 that he expects us to have to deal with.

And, finally, Heller talks about an app he and his wife developed called WelloWatch and how it can help you limit your exposure to the coronavirus based on the heat and humidity of the day itself.


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