Lafayette City Parish Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux is proposing a resolution at Tuesday night's meeting to repeal an earlier resolution proposing that there be a requirement that elected officials should receive a minimum of one hour of education and training each year about the Louisiana and Federal Constitutions.

KPEL has contacted Boudreaux for a comment, but we have not yet heard from him on this issue.

Lafayette City Parish Councilman William Theriot, a proponent of the measure, tells KPEL he wonders why Boudreaux would be trying to repeal the resolution.

Theriot adds,


"I support the resolution that would require public officials to have one hour of training annually on the constitution. This is common sense!"

A citizen from District 6, Ray Green, first brought the idea to the council.  Back in August, Green told said it was between each council member "and God" if they chose to oppose it, as they were sworn--under God--to uphold the Constitution.

When the idea was first proposed back in November it failed as the council was tied 4 to 4 about the resolution.

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