A wild story from Fox News: "A Texas prosecutor said the case of a rancher who beat to death a man he caught allegedly molesting his daughter will go to a grand jury to decide whether the killing was justified, or an act of excessive force."  The story is compelling, and it makes every parent cringe.

What would you do if you were a rancher who walked up on someone you know as they were molesting your child?  In this case, Fox reports that the rancher picked up something, and while trying to protect his daughter from the sexual attack, he hick the man several times.  The man died at the scene.

The district attorney says the case is going to a grand jury to decide if the homicide was justified or an act of excessive force.  We don't know the details of the case.  Police say there is no reason not to believe the father's account of what happened, but it will be up to grand jury.

It may be harsh, but I know how I would react to this crime if it were happening to me.  I would be thinking about one thing only, my daughter.  I would think of her, and I would think of how I would keep her safe.  If the father didn't use that much force, the man could have gotten up and killed both of them.  This is a horrible story, but it's the little girl we need to worry about.  That father did what he had to do for his own safety and the safety of his child.  A man died, and yes, that is sad, but in my mind the only person I care about is the little.  What would I do? I would stop that man from hurting my little girl no matter what it took! The rest is in God's hands.

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