An unidentified Lafayette police officer will stand before a grand jury to determine whether he should be prosecuted for the December shooting death of Quamaine Dwayne Mason.

District Attorney Mike Harson says the trial will be held July 18.

Lafayette Police say the unidentified officer responded to the Campus Crossing Apartments complex after a report of a burglary in progress the evening of Dec. 9. According to their report, a suspect at the scene had forced his way into an apartment.

State Police, who investigated the incident and sent their findings to Harson, say officers arrived to find Harson armed and standing in the doorway to an apartment. An officer then opened fire, killing Mason. Mason's girlfriend says he had his hands up over his head, and his gun was not drawn.

That officer was placed on paid administrative leave while the incident was under investigation. The findings of the state police investigation have not been made public.


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