It's always a good idea to watch those we elect to see if they are keeping their promises and being upfront with the American People.  That's why it's interesting to watch President Barack Obama and his track record.  A recent article in the Washington Post runs down the account of promises that he says he has kept versus what has actually happened.

According to the story, Barack Obama has kept around 39 percent of his promises that he made in the 2008 campaign for President.  What is more telling is that he is claiming that he has kept 60 percent of his promises.  He is claiming, of course, that he needs another 4 years in the Oval Office to address everything.

Inflated numbers are nothing new to this President.  He has done it before on other things, all to make him look good.  He has inflated numbers of jobs created or saved by his vaunted stimulus bill.  It does seem interesting in a country where only around 40-45 percent of people agree with him that he makes wild claims like this one.  He does understand that we have the internet and we can check up on what he is doing, right?

Keep a wary eye on the President as he continues to enter campaign mode.  We may have had blinders on for the 2008 campaign, but we'll definitely look to see what he is doing in this campaign because we have a record that we can look at rather than simply hope for the best change.