Sam Mills spent the first nine years of his career playing for the New Orleans Saints and was an integral part of the best linebacking core in NFL history, 'The Dome Patrol'.

Former NFL cornerback, a Super Bowl Champion, an All-Pro player, and an even better person Eric Davis joins The Word With G on a weekly basis on Thursdays during the football season.

In a recent appearance on the show, I asked E.D. about a former Saint great and a man who he played with in Carolina for the Panthers in Sam Mills who passed away from cancer back in 2005.

Davis details Mills on and more importantly off the field. He gets into how and why he absolutely deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"Sam Mills was the best middle linebacker I've ever played with."

It was a struggle at the end for Sam Mills as he was dealing with cancer but Davis doesn't remember a man who struggled at the end of his life, he remembered the same old Sammy.

He and E.D. spent a lot of time together near the end of his life, living in the same neighborhood, Davis would go and hang out constantly with his friend.

Now, would he go over there and sulk because his friend was dealing with cancer? Absolutely not, he would head over, bringing with him the energy of being in the locker room again. That meant a lot of joking with one another, swapping stories, talking about life, and overall reminiscing together.

"Sam is one of the best human beings I've ever known."

In addition, we received a call from one of our loyal listeners, Kyle who follows the Saints as closely as anyone and remembered an encounter he had with Mills and finding out just how much of a genuine person he really was.

In case you missed the conversation, you can catch it here:

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