A British psychologist has dubbed the third Monday in January "Blue Monday" saying it's the most depressing day of the year.

Why so sad? According to The Manchester Evening News, Dr. Cliff Arnall says "Blue Monday" is the culmination of five factors resulting in peak terribleness.

  1. Bad weather
  2. Christmas is long gone and so are those good feelings
  3. New Years resolutions have failed
  4. Motivation is at an all time low
  5. The realization of an entire work year ahead has sunk in

While all of those things may be true, there's no reason to let "Blue Monday" get you down. So, turn that frown upside down and have an amazing Monday!

And no matter what time of year it is if you are feeling depressed make sure you talk to someone and get help. It can seem scary, but there are so many resources and people out there who want to help.

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