It was a long three days but five pit bull mix puppies are now safe after being rescued from the bottom of a 65-foot well in Washington Parish, according to our news affiliates at Louisiana Radio Network.

As you can imagine, trying to rescue five puppies trapped at the bottom of a 65-foot well during some of the hottest days of the year (August 18-20) were incredibly challenging. As a matter of fact, first responders were not even able to use much equipment because the opening of the well was very narrow.

How Did They Rescue The Puppies?

Dorson told Louisiana Radio Network that rescuers had to make a webbing by tying leashes together, then attract the puppies to the webbing with food that was placed inside. Once that was successful, the puppies still needed to be pulled up safely.

Dorson says the Franklinton Fire Department and the Washington Parish Sherriff’s Office assisted them in the rescue.

WATCH THE RESCUE BELOW, which is set beautifully (and very appropriately!) to Lauren Daigle's hit single "Rescue."

How Are The Puppies Doing?

Dorson says the puppies are in great shape overall. Fortunately, rescuers were able to feed them and keep them watered during the rescue.

The puppies are currently at the Mandeville Animal Hospital being treated for parasites and minor skin issues.

"It’s a miracle. All of it’s a miracle," said Jeff Dorson, Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana to Louisiana Radio Network. "How the property owner even heard them, realized it, we have no idea."

What's Next For The Puppies?

Once the five puppies, along with their mother, are released from the vet, they will be put up for adoption at a shelter.


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