Rep. Henry Burns of Haughton says he wants to further discourage driving without minimum insurance coverage.  Burns wants vehicles “booted” instead of towed to keep cost down for the offender.

I personally don’t care what the cost is for the offender. The law says you can’t drive without insurance. Get them off the road!
Burns says under his law second offense Operating Without Insurance drivers would have their vehicles “booted” in their driveway or even at their workplace. My question is: Why wait until a second offense?  The current law says you cannot drive without insurance, period. Enforce the law!

If a first offender continues to drive without insurance he puts other drivers in jeopardy. If that offender hits your car and totals it you will have to pay the full cost of getting another vehicle so why should his vehicle not be “booted” or impounded until proof of insurance is shown?

We have to implement too many laws that are redundant in some form because we don’t enforce the laws that are passed in the first place.

“Boot” them, or impound the vehicles -- but let’s get uninsured drivers off the roads.