I'd like to think we are better than this in Lafayette, but we just aren't.

For years I have been pleading with people on-air to stop parking in parking spots designated for those who may be handicapped.

While the word may have gotten out to some there are others who still don't get it. I constantly see people, who don't have a handicap permit or license plate, park in designated spots reserved for those who may be handicapped in Lafayette.

Whether it's at a gas station, shopping center or even at a restaurant some people simply do not care that they are taking a parking spot reserved for someone that may have trouble getting around. And I get it, we are living in a self-entitled era, but this is getting to be ridiculous.

I've watched people hop out of their vehicle and RUN into a gas station, while parked in a handicap spot. They have no regard for others.

A few years back Lafayette Police became really proactive by citing those who park in handicap spots that don't belong. I don't know if they still enforce this law on a daily basis, but I wish that they would.

I write this hoping that you would never occupy a handicap parking spot if you don't need to. I would also ask that you share this with others on social media.

If Lafayette wants to act like a progressive city, can we at least start by respecting those who may need assistance getting around?

It is past time that we respect designated parking spots in this city, and in all of south Louisiana.

Be better.

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