A young girl in Church Point, Louisiana is celebrating now that the electricity at her house has been restored.

Thousands of people across Louisiana were without electricity this week as a strong line of storms swept across the state on Wednesday morning.

Some of the hardest hit areas in Acadiana were just north of I-10 and places like Church Point, Richard, and Opelousas were without electricity for days.

Lineworkers have been working nonstop since Wednesday morning and one young girl showed her appreciation for them as soon as she saw their truck near her home.

Shelley Nelams
Shelley Nelams

You can hear her spell out S-L-E-M-C-O while dancing on a golf cart because she knows that the electricity at her home is about to return. Like so many kids who were without power, she too was ready to have internet access to continue playing her games.

We thank all of the linemen in the area for responding so quickly this week and we hope that this young girl and her family enjoy their electricity, and air conditioning, this weekend.

This is such a precious video and what appreciation from this young fan of Slemco. (Click below to watch)

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