Summer months can be a lot of fun by the beach or out by the pool, but the warmer months can bring a few pests to the area.

Often during the summer months in South Louisiana, we are flooded with more mosquitos, insects, and even wasps.

I don't know if you've noticed this, but in recent weeks more wasps have probably shown up by your home and now they're looking to nest.

One place where wasps and hornets love to nest during the summer is in or under your mailbox.

Knowing that many who deliver the mail are very cautious when putting their hand into a mailbox during this nesting period.

Therefore, some who deliver your mail may be resorting to a "trick" to repel wasps from your mailbox.

A postman on Reddit said he's found the solution to keeping wasps from your mailbox and it comes in the form of a dryer sheet.


Yes, the same dryer sheets you use when drying clothes or linens. The catch here is the dryer sheet should have a strong scent to them in order to repel wasps or hornets.

Now, if you do find an existing nest, you should use a spray to rid your mailbox of the stingers. A scented dryer sheet will not force wasps or hornets to leave if they have already nested.

I'll end this with this warning, if you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox it is probably safe and you should ask your mail delivery person if he or she put it in the mailbox.

If you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox, it does not mean someone is out to harm you.


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