I am certain that some of you may be aware of this grilling tip, but this may be new to some, like me.

A chef was recently on Fox News and he was explaining how to grill burgers to perfection, and he offered a tip to prevent your patties from drying out.

I did not know that ice cubes can be the trick to grilling the perfect burger or patty.

Now, as I noted earlier, many of you may have already known about this trick or tip, but some haven't so we shall discuss it here. Ice cubes can be a key ingredient to grilling your patty to perfection and it has very little to do with the taste of the burger.

By placing an ice cube in the center of the patty, that is on the grill, the cube will prevent the patty from drying out while cooking it. The ice cube slowly melts and the water from the cube enters into the meat to keep it from drying out.


Also, while the cube is in the patty, you should monitor it and when the cube is 3/4 melted, that is when you flip the patty and resume cooking the process on the opposite side.

This small grilling tip could be the difference between a dried-out meat patty or a grilled patty that is perfect. Also, you should never "smash" the meat patty while it is on the grill.

By forcing out the "juice" of the patty this too can lead to a dry burger, who really likes those?


So, the next time you light the grill this summer, try this grilling tip and see if adds to the perfect burger.

Here's a very good tutorial video on this grilling tip that many are soon to try the next time burgers are put on the grill.

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