A shocking story is coming out of town in South Louisiana after a child was stabbed on a bus today.

A source tells KPEL that a child on a school bus in Grand Coteau was stabbed.

Officers are still on the scene, and we will continue to bring you details as they become available.

There is very little information to provide at this time, but we do know that the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office is assisting the Grand Coteau Police Department.

It was just a week and a half ago that a student at Carencro was shot to death while getting off of a school bus.

In the Carencro case here is what we know transpired with that death:

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office has announced an arrest in connection with the shooting that resulted in the death of a Carencro High School student last Friday (Mar. 1). Malikai Doucet, 19, has been taken into custody and faces charges of Second Degree Murder after 18-year-old Jaylon Joiner was fatally shot upon exiting a school bus in the 200 block of Bradford Drive.

Now in the Grand Coteau case officials say that a teenager was stabbed. That victim was taken to a hospital with what officials are saying is non-life-threatening injuries.

We have also learned that an arrest has been made in the case.

At the time that all of this began to unfold this morning, there was only a handful of students on the bus at the time. There were no more than six student riding the bus at the time.

The students were riding that school bus heading to CAPS, the alternative school.

The teenagers are said to be in their younger teens with one being 14-years-old and the other is said to be 15-years-old.

We are continuing to work on the story to find out what happened surrounding this incident.

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