As a kid I didn't get in trouble at school for much. Sure, I often was told I talked too much but hey that really comes in handy working in radio. However, I never served detention for talking too much, the times I did end up at school on a Saturday morning It was always for wracking up tardies.

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Being late was never something I chose, the late life chose me as a kid but what one 9-year-old did to get to school is something that never crossed my mind, and If I'm being honest part of me wishes it did so I would have had one less tardy.

A vehicle was stopped in the middle of an intersection which prompted California police to ask them to move over the PA system. It was at that time that the car took off and the chase began. It wasn't long before the driver backed into the patrol car and was forced to stop and face the music.

Several other officers showed up as well and it was kind of one of those ‘no one really believed it’ kind of things So, several other officers showed up to the scene just to see in fact that it was a 9-year-old driving the vehicle.

When Officer Terry Dunn approached the drivers side of the vehicle he was in disbelief when we realized it was just a kid. Where did he think he was going you might ask? Turns out he wasn't up to no good, he was just trying to get to school.

I exited my patrol vehicle, made an approach, and as I was approaching, I could see a kid which turned out to be a 9-year-old child sticking his head out saying, ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to get to school

Turns out, the child's school was next to where he was finally pulled over and according to WAFB he did attend school after the whole ordeal. While it is easy to find the humor in a situation like this because no one was injured, it does serve as a reminder to keep your cars keys out of your children's reach or explain the dangerous of operating a vehicle without proper practice.

Hopefully a lot of other people take this to heart and learn from it, so hopefully this doesn’t happen again in the future, Just maybe talk to your children about the dangers of driving a vehicle and what could possibly happen

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