One of Acadiana's beloved locally owned and run restaurants has fallen victim to a high-speed chase.

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Beloved Acadiana Restaurant Badly Damaged in High-Speed Chase

On Sunday, one of the owners of Cajun Claws in Abbeville, Jodi Choate, shared photos along with a heartfelt message detailing the aftermath of the accident, "it seems a high-speed chase ended in our restaurant, but it could have been so much worse if we had patrons in our bar."

According to her post, they were planning on being open next week. However, as she explains, the damage is extensive and will require some time and fundraising to repair their restaurant.

A post on their business page informing patrons of the situation thanks customers for supporting them over the years and asks that the community consider donating to their GoFundMe: " It’s going to take a long hot minute, but never will we let our dream die."

The individual responsible for the damage has warrants out for his arrest in New Iberia and had shoplifted from the Walmart in Abbeville promoting the police to follow him. After police turned on their lights he sped off on what turned into a high-speed chase, "we have been told he hit the building at 90-100 mph."

Turning Tragedy Into Positivity 

Jodi Choate explains that a year ago this would have broke her, but instead of being angry and bitter she employs everyone to be kind, "we really never know what one is going through .. this too shall pass .. until then I will keep reminding myself to breathe." We can all learn something from how this local business owner is handling this tragic situation with professionalism and grace.

Hello everyone!! My name is CJ Frederick, A long time friend and employee of the infamous Original Cajun Claws of Abbeville. On 7/7/24 Cajun Claws was struck by a car in the midst of a high speed chase. The damages sustained are beyond their means. Through many years, I've seen both Jodi and Donnie Choate as well as their three sons; Kyle, Tyler and Tanner step up in many ways to help where they could; Never looking for anything in return. They would never ask for help but it will take a village to assist them in rebuilding what was demolished. Please see Jodi's take on this tragic event. Such a strong woman that has been carrying a heavy load for quite some time. If you can find it in your heart to help lift them, then my job has been done to assist them in the best way I know how. Anything helps! Thank you all in advance. Much love!


Help Rebuild Cajun Claws in Abbeville, Louisiana

The Acadiana community always rallies behind our local businesses, especially in crucial times of need. As Choate says in her message, "We are not in a position to do this on our own," so they have asked that people share their story and donate to the GoFundMe that was set up by a long-time friend and employee.

Donate Here.

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