For only the second time in history, a human has tested positive for bird flu. This case was reported in Texas, where they issued a warning that their poultry farms and cattle farms were being affected. This particular strain of avian influenza virus is highly deadly to livestock, poultry, and wild birds.

The glaring issue here is the mass production of food products and industrial animal farming. The reality is these animals are kept in unsanitary packed warehouses that are a "perfect breeding ground for bird flu" and inhumane.

Now, more than ever, we need to support local farmers.

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What initially seemed like an isolated situation in Texas has now spread to at least five other states nationwide. With Texas being our neighbor, people across Louisiana are starting to wonder if we should be worried.

This map shows the number of wild birds that have been detected with this illness. While Louisiana does not currently have any reported cases, it is possible that we could see that change since other states are also being affected at this time.

But this isn't the first time that we have seen outbreaks of the bird flu in the United States so why are people so worried this go round?

Why is this Virus Different?

According to, this type of avian influenza is different.

Highly pathogenic bird flu has caused outbreaks on poultry farms many times in the past that have killed thousands to millions of farm birds. What makes this particular form of avian influenza virus so unusual is that it easily spreads and causes severe disease among wild birds and an increasing number of mammals. That’s rare.

A Texas Dairy worker's only symptom was pink eye. The CDC reported that they are taking an antiviral medication and recovering as expected.

However, the effect that the bird flu has on birds and now cattle is worrisome. The biggest fear is that this will directly affect the supply chain and, as a result of that, increase the cost of goods nationwide.

Scientists are working to figure out how this virus is adapting and what it means that cows are now being affected by a virus that was previously just a threat to birds. They are monitoring the outbreaks carefully to determine if farm workers are at a greater risk.

Read the full report from the USDA here for more information.

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