An inconsiderate act of vandalism has closed down a beloved Louisiana restaurant after its windows were shattered by a truck doing donuts in the parking lot.

Hill Top Inn, a popular Cajun and Creole restaurant in Maurepas, will be closed on Tuesday, June 13th, after an individual driving a truck engaged in reckless behavior, causing significant damage to the establishment's property. The incident occurred on Sunday night when the perpetrator performed donuts in the restaurant's parking lot, resulting in the shattering of four windows and the front door window panes.

In a statement provided by the restaurant, they expressed their determination to work closely with the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Department to identify and gather more information about the incident. The restaurant's surveillance cameras, as well as neighboring camera systems, provide valuable evidence that is expected to aid in the swift identification of both the vehicle and the person responsible for the vandalism.

As a consequence of this unforeseen incident, Hill Top Inn was closed on Tuesday, June 13th, to facilitate the cleaning up of the shattered glass and restore the restaurant to its previous state. The owners have set their sights on reopening on Wednesday, June 14th, ensuring that their valued customers can once again enjoy their renowned culinary offerings.

The restaurant is asking the public for any information or leads that may assist in the investigation. Community members who have witnessed or heard anything relevant to the incident are encouraged to come forward and provide their accounts. The cooperation of the community, coupled with the diligent efforts of the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Department, is expected to expedite the identification and apprehension of the individual responsible for the act of vandalism.

The incident generated a wave of disappointment and frustration among the restaurant's loyal customers and the local community. Hill Top Inn has been renowned for its delicious Cajun and Creole cuisine, making it a cherished dining destination for many.


Despite the setback caused by this senseless act, the owners and staff remain determined to swiftly restore the restaurant and resume their usual, exceptional service. The support and solidarity expressed by the community during this challenging time have been deeply appreciated by the Hill Top Inn team.

With the aid of advanced technology when it comes to surveillance and the vigilance of the community, Hill Top Inn is confident that the vehicle and the individual responsible for the vandalism will be identified and brought to justice. The owners express their gratitude to the understanding and patient customers and eagerly look forward to welcoming them back when the restaurant reopens on Wednesday, June 14th.

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