Matt Rife has totally dominated newsfeeds and timelines over the last few days, but a local tour that will likely never happen is currently going viral.

The comedian recently announced his massive U.S. tour, including a stop in New Orleans.

Tickets sold out almost immediately—which is what’s happening with just about every tour stop—as fans are going crazy to get their hands on them.

While Matt Rife has tens of thousands of fans who are willing to do anything to get their hands on tickets, there are also tens of thousands of others who have no earthly idea who he is.

There are also those who don’t care about Matt Rife either way but are tired of seeing his name in their timeline.

Cook Some Rice is a local Facebook page that cranks out a lot of hyper-local memes and they have definitely hit a home run with their ‘Matte’ Rife tour meme.

The meme features a photoshopped photo of a shirtless Matt Rife, fully equipped with a baw-tastic New Iberia haircut bangs and a chest tattoo repping his hairstyles home city in old English letters.

matte rife meme

‘Matte’ is also pouring out a bottle of Tabasco brand Pepper Sauce in place of a microphone as he plans on embarking on the “Matt Gardez Donc Louisiana Tour.”

Speaking of tour stops, “Matte” will be bringing his parody tour to local venues like the Blackham Coliseum, Evangeline Downs, and City Bar in Maurice as well as appearances at Rhythms in River Ranch and the Mercredi Show in Carencro.

We have no clue if the real Matt Rife will ever catch wind of this, but people have been tagging him as well as offering up their own suggestions of where his Louisiana comedy "tour" should stop next.

Facebook, Cook Some Rice
Facebook, Cook Some Rice

If I had to make a suggestion, I would say don’t miss out on the shows at Red’s Levee Bar or when he brings his famous interactive comedy to Miss Mamie’s and Fred’s in Mamou.

Props to the Cook Some Rice crew for giving us all a good laugh and if you still don’t know who Matt Rife is, then head on over to this nice and easy explainer.

Who knows, you may become a fan.

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