Entertainment seekers will have plenty of options in the coming weeks with two major attractions coming to Acadiana. Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel joined “Mornings with Ken and Bernie” for his weekly “Lafayette Live” segment to discuss Festivals Acadiens et Creoles as well as the Apollo Theater's upcoming production of 'James Brown: Get On the Good Foot - A Celebration in Dance

The 39th annual Festival Acadiens et Creoles is coming to Lafayette October 11-13. The beloved festival highlights local music, food, and art.

Durel says Festival Acadiens et Creoles does a great job celebrating the unique blending of cultures that make up Acadiana.

I tell people from out of town that they're in a unique state, and in a unique area of a unique state, and what makes us unique is the first serval cultures that settled in this part of Louisiana were all forced here from somewhere else, and those cultures had to assimilate to survive. So while the rest of America calls themselves a melting pot, we call ourselves a gumbo, because a gumbo is a blending of several different foods, but those foods maintain their own properties, yet when put together they're even better. - Joey Durel

Another major entertainment production coming to Lafayette is the Apollo Theaters production of 'James Brown: Jump on the Good Foot - A Celebration in Dance'. 

"The Apollo was coming to Louisiana, they originally wanted to go to New Orleans, but they made a visit to Lafayette and never made it any further", explained City-Parish President Joey Durel. "They're doing all the work for their show in New York here in Lafayette."

Though the October 17 Apollo production at the Heymann Performing Arts Center in Lafayette cannot legally be called the 'premiere' because of contractual commitments in New York, the show will be the first before the production embarks on a nationwide tour.

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