Governor Bobby Jindal has said he's not concerned about his falling approval ratings.  Why should he worry?  He's got another term to fill...or not and that's about it.  He can slash and burn through the budget at will while hiring new high price state employees.  He can also continue to work his part-time job as Governor of Louisiana and full-time fundraiser for any Republican running for office in any other state.

When running for re-election he said he had no national aspirations, he had the job he wanted.  I didn't realize his job for the next four years would be to promote himself in preparation for his next job after his four year term.  When Jindal said he had no national aspirations it meant "at the time".  When Jindal said he had the job he wanted we know he meant "at this time".

I think the Republican party has plans for Jindal in 2016 or 2020 and they are making use of fundraising events to hone his speaking skills.  After his response to the State of the Union speech the Republican party put him on a long-term speech training program so they would not be further embarrassed the next time he takes the national stage.  No national aspirations...yeah right!

As far as his lack of concern for his dismal approval ratings I think at this point he's right.  Why should he care?  He's doing what he wants with the budget while eliminating anyone who disagrees with him.  The state budget is in shambles, the education department is getting restructured again and the state hospitals are being decimated.  All the while he is touting his accomplishments nationwide.  Sad but probably true there are many in other states who believe him.  What is also sad but will probably be true when he runs for either vice-president or president is the fact that he will not carry his home state.  Why should he care about approval ratings in Louisiana?  Governor Jindal does not need us or our opinions anymore now that he is being groomed to shine on the national stage.

Bobby Jindal, so much promise as a young man.  Bobby Jindal such a disappointment as he approaches middle age.  I guess the saying is true, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste".

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