Governor Bobby Jindal has been traveling the state touting the accomplishments he’s made during his two terms as governor. Jindal is scheduled to speak at the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday.

LaPolitics-dot-com publisher Jeremy Alford says this tour is an attempt by Jindal to control how he’s remembered.
"I think a lot of governors, when they get to this point, especially those that served two terms, it's time to start thinking about legacy building," Alford said. "I think that's what a lot of this comes down to."
Jindal made visits to Shreveport and Monroe last week highlighting his economic development achievements. Alford says there are some good and bad things associated with Jindal’s time in office and the governor will focus on the good in the last weeks of his term. But he questions whether the governor’s tour will sway the history books.
"Will he be able to write his own chapter in that long saga that is Louisiana political history?" Alford ponders. "I have a hard time believing that he'll have too much influence over that."
He says Louisiana has a storied past with our governors where they always remain in the spotlight, to some extent, regardless of their popularity. Alford says, although Jindal’s term ends in January, it probably won’t be the last time you hear his name.
"I think we will continue to hear Bobby Jindal's name, especially through these first few sessions, as lawmakers try to fix and reverse things that his administration did."

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