Unlike the La. Speaker of the House election, there was no surprise who was elected as Senate President - Republican John Alario of Westwego.

Alario was re-elected unanimously to the position to become the first Louisiana legislator to twice hold the top leadership post in both the House and the Senate. He held the Speaker of the House position during his nine terms he served in that part of the La. Legislature.

"I see this as an opportunity to work with the members of the Senate with all of us pulling together to achieve financial stability and to provide educational and economic opportunities for all Louisiana citizens," said Sen. Alario. "This is about making Louisiana what we all know that it should be and can be. It is not a matter of what we can’t do, but what we can do and what we will do."

Senator Gerald Long (R-Natchitoches) was also elected overwhelmingly in his bid for a leadership position - Senate President Pro-Tempore. He was just recently elected to his third term. Long has served as chairman of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and as a member of the Agriculture, Insurance and Retirement committees.

"I am deeply humbled to be selected by my peers to serve in this position of leadership,” Senate President Pro Tempore Long said. "I am eager to work closely with President Alario to continue to move Louisiana forward under the new administration. With the challenges we face it is important that we not be dedicated to serving the ‘D’ or the ‘R’, but that we be dedicated to the people of Louisiana. That is what will make a difference.”

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