"The Moon Griffon Show" has been entertaining and informing audiences across Louisiana and into Texas and Mississippi for over 20 years! Moon Griffon has a passion for covering state and national news, and exposing people who misuse their power to hurt those they are supposed to be serving.

As the producer for "The Moon Griffon Show," I have a front row seat to it all! Whether it's getting to meet some of the biggest names in Louisiana or getting to cut up and eat some great food with everyday people who are making this world a better place, it's a great time working for/with Moon.

And then there's Moon's rants!

In this web series, I want to bring you "Moon Griffon Show" from my perspective - the producer's seat.

John Alario
John Alario

If you've been listening to Moon for any time at all, you know that he is a big critic of Louisiana Senate President John Alario. The more than four decades long lawmaker has been in the La. Legislature through budget after budget after budget.

An article from thenewsstar.com, though, set Moon off. In the article, other members of the Legislature heap praise on Alario for his leadership as Alario says this year's budget is "the toughest one I've seen."

"John Alario is not the answer," Moon exclaimed. "He can't fix the problem, he is the problem! He's the leader of all the hell hole in Baton Rouge and all that we're going through!"

Moon also sent a message to U.S. Sen. David Vitter and the other gubernatorial candidates - Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, Rep. John Bel Edwards and Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle.

"If you're going to put John Alario as the Senate President, if you don't get John Alario out of the way, you will be a failed governor if you win."

Watch the video below of Moon's rant against Alario. And, remember, you can listen to "The Moon Griffon Show" Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 11 AM.

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