LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - "The Voice of Louisiana" Moon Griffon will get another opportunity to guest host The Dan Bongino Show!

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As we know, Moon has gotten the chance to guest host Bongino's nationally-syndicated show multiple times since the summer of 2022 and has not only had a blast doing it but has also gotten great feedback from listeners all over the US!

Moon Griffon, Youtube via Moon Griffon Show
Moon Griffon, Youtube via Moon Griffon Show

"The feedback I have gotten from people every time I have had the pleasure of getting to guest host Dan's show has been nothing short of tremendous!" says Griffon. "And now, with Mike Johnson becoming Speaker of the House along with Steve Scalise being in a leadership position, Louisiana is in a unique position as far as national politics goes. I'm just honored to be a voice that I hope represents Louisiana well on the national stage."

As Moon began his statewide show Wednesday morning, Bongino's producer Jim reached out to see if Moon was available for Friday morning.

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"It's always exciting when I get that call. I never take it for granted because Dan has so many resources he can call on. I'm honored and I can't wait to meet him."

Next week, Moon will head to Grapevine, Texas, as he will get to meet Bongino as Dan will conduct a book signing for his latest "The Gift of Failure."

As for this week, Moon is getting ready to guest host Bongino's show for the first time since July.

Tune in! We're going to have some fun and tackle some issues like only we can.

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