LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - On the Friday before Christmas, Dan Bongino offered Moon Griffon the gift of guest hosting his show to a national audience and Moon accepted it gladly.

"I was so thankful that Dan and his producers thought of me during the Christmas holiday and it was an incredible experience," said Moon. "And Producer Jim made me feel right at home, especially with the Cajun Christmas music he played coming out of the breaks. They are first class people and I got to have a lot of fun speaking to Dan's audience."

If you missed the show or just want to listen to it all over again, we have broken the audio down hour-by-hour for you, without commercials.

Hour 1

In the first hour of The Dan Bongino Show, Moon reintroduced himself to the nationwide audience and discussed former President Donald Trump and how he believes the 45th President has been wronged by so many people in politics.

Hour 2

n the second hour of The Dan Bongino Show, Moon welcomed U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana to discuss the current vote for the Speaker of the House and to talk about our growing federal budget.

Hour 3

Just a few days before Moon hosted The Dan Bongino Show, the Pelican Center for Justice filed suit against the Biden Administration on behalf of Master Sergeant Robert Galey, Jr. as they are fighting the administration's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for those serving in the United States Army. Moon welcomed Galey to the show so Galey could tell his story to the national audience.

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