LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - As Christmas Day approaches, nationally-syndicated radio host Dan Bongino has decided to offer an early gift to Moon Griffon and listeners across the state of Louisiana: another opportunity to host The Dan Bongino Show.

Moon Griffon, Youtube via Moon Griffon Show
Moon Griffon, Youtube via Moon Griffon Show

"I am always ready to jump in for Dan any time he needs me too," says Griffon. "I love this time of the year as we celebrate our Savior’s birth after God gave us His Son so that we could have life through Him. I'm so thankful that Dan and his producers would think of me during this blessed time of year."

Moon is scheduled to guest host Dan’s show on Friday, the last weekday before the Christmas holiday on Sunday. This will be Moon's third time hosting The Dan Bongino Show. The previous two times have gone very well as Bongino has referred to him as "the Louisiana Legend," having fun with Moon as the two love to joke around when they share the same airwaves.

Dan Bongino
Courtesy of Westwood One

“I appreciate how Dan not only holds accountable those in power but he does it in a hilarious way,” says Griffon. “And he’ll cut up with you, like he has with me when he’s brought me on his show.”

”I’m really looking forward to Friday. It’s always great to get to talk to Dan’s audience and to get feedback from them as well. And, of course, it’s always a blessing to hear from people who have listened to my show over the years and how they enjoy me getting the chance to talk about issues that matter to them to a national audience.”

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