LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Almost one year ago, the "Voice of Louisiana" Moon Griffon was heard across the United States of America as he guest hosted the Dan Bongino Show for the first time on Tuesday, July 5th.

It was a great day for Louisiana as there were no shortages of references to our state on the nationally-syndicated show. From mentions of the food we eat to our hot and humid weather, Moon brought a Southern flare to the Dan Bongino Show.

"The difference between me and Dan Bongino is he has an accent and I don't," Moon joked as he opened the show and gave Dan a hard time after Dan admitted last week to "turning in his man card" and drinking wine.

True to form, Moon mixed in his unique insight with informative interviews, along with his trademark humor. His guests included U.S. Senator John Kennedy and Mike Sommers, President/CEO of the American Petroleum Institute. Listen below:

Well, as we get ready to begin the July 4th holiday weekend, Moon Griffon will kick it off on Friday by guest hosting The Dan Bongino Show once again!

"I'm so excited for another opportunity," says Griffon. "It was almost a year ago to the day that I got to guest host Dan's show for the first time. I'm honored "

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