Dr. John Sutherlin photo created by KPEL
Dr. John Sutherlin photo created by KPEL

Dr. John Sutherlin, political science professor at The University of Louisiana at Monroe visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to dispute comments recently made by Public Service Commissioner Clyde Holloway.

Dr. Sutherlin said erroneous statements by Holloway were not slips of the tongue but a deliberate effort to mislead the public.  According to Sutherlin,

One of the things he said was because of how the laws are set up in Mississippi there are only four solar installations in the whole state.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of solar installations in Mississippi.  I contacted a solar company in Mississippi and they said they did 40 installations since 2009 and they're a fairly small company.

Dr. Sutherlin said,

Another thing I found interesting was the way he categorized the people who buy solar as being wealthy.  I did a survey of companies across the state and about 65 percent of their customers were middle to lower-middle class and were mostly in rural areas.  One of the companies I spoke to, their first installation was on a mobile home so the idea that solar energy is an elitist form of energy is nonsense.

Sutherlin went on to say,

Commissioner Holloway is woefully ignorant of the process.  Literally has no idea how solar energy works.

To hear more of Dr. Sutherlin's comments about Clyde Holloway and the workings of solar energy take a listen to the entire interview:

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