At the next Public Service Commission meeting on February 24th, the PSC plans to direct a third party to do an independent investigation into why so many homeowners Entergy bills are up significantly.

Entergy blames the cold weather as the cause of the spike. Public Service Commission Chairman Craig Greene said that’s one possibility given heaters pull three to four times as many amps as A/Cs do.

“So if it is colder in the winter relative to how much hotter in the summer it could possibly be more expensive,” said Greene.

One theory as to why people’s bills have skyrocketed has to do with the installation of new meters. Greene said that possibility will be investigated.

“If there is a glitch or some mistake made then it is our job to people their money back, or explain a good reason why their bills jumped,” said Greene.

That third party will be tasked with doing a random survey of the billing situations of not just those who’ve filed complaints, but the average customer as well. Greene said they won’t have immediate results.

“I would rather be accurate than switch but ideally both but I think by the next month or the following we will have some consistent answers,” said Greene.

(Story written by Matt Doyle/Louisiana Radio Network)

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