Dr. John Sutherlin, political science professor at the University of Louisiana at Monroe joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss the possibility of Governor Bobby Jindal seeking to unseat Senator Mary Landrieu.  According to Sutherlin,

The thing is the whole thing literally started with a John McGinnis article....I think he was bored between races at the Fairgrounds and he had lost the 'daily double' or something and said 'what about a goof here'.

Dr. Sutherlin went on to say,

I think it would be a very dangerous political move for Jindal to even try to go against Landrieu because Landrieu, despite what everyone says all the time 'if we had this candidate we could beat Landrieu'.  Landrieu only keeps winning by a larger and larger margin each time...Every time I hear Landrieu is beatable I say 'in what way'.

According to Sutherlin,

If Jindal ran against Landrieu and lost, national aspirations are completely gone.  Further it weakens him in the state prohibiting him from four years from now running for governor again.

You can hear more insight from Dr. Sutherlin on a possible Jindal/Landrieu race by listening to the interview: