The campaign to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu once again becomes stranger than fiction. Challenger Col. Rob Maness uncovered documents showing that the Senator has listed on various documents that her residence is in Washington, DC. Another challenger, Representative Paul Hollis filed suit challenging her status as a citizen of the state of Louisiana and this morning Judge Wilson Fields dismissed the Hollis suit declaring you can’t make such a challenge unless a candidate has already been elected. WHAT? You can't challenge a candidate's residency until they have been elected?

Let's see if can get a handle on this. Judge Fields says Hollis would have to wait until Landrieu is elected before he can file the suit. I thought Senator Landrieu was elected the last time she ran for reelection and stated she was a citizen of the state of Louisiana. Numerous documents show that Landrieu has claimed residency in Washington, DC. but on empty plots of land in two Louisiana parishes her address is listed as a Washington, DC address. Even more damning is a video clip from C-SPAN in 2001 when Landrieu said,

As a resident here in the District and living here actually on Capitol Hill.

Those are her words from her own mouth where she claims to live on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and not the Garden District in New Orleans, La.

The mayor of Washington, DC said in a speech,

Senator Landrieu representing the District of Columbia until we become the 51st state of the Union.

With the evidence clearly showing Senator Mary Landrieu lives at an address in Washington, DC in a home built by she and her husband Frank Snelling Judge Wilson Fields said a suit challenging her residency can't be filed until she is elected. She was elected in 2008 wasn't she?

This proves to me that the country is headed to hell in a handbasket. We can't fight her residency until after we waste a bunch of time and money on an election? On the off chance that a judge would declare against Landrieu would we have to have another election to replace her or would the runner-up get the seat? It's all too weird for me but I think this case she be revisited if she wins and she should be thrown out of office if she wins. Here's a real stretch, I know, I wonder if there is a legal way to make all of her votes null and void since the last time she was elected illegally? That way Obamacare would be null and void!