Our news partner KATC, obtained audio from Thursday's Grand Theatre shooting.

The audio and the transcribed text below represent the emergency call that alerted first responders to the harrowing situation. Accounts told from the theater relayed that emergency personnel were on the scene and running into the building within 60 seconds of the dispatch call being made.

Click here to access the audio on KATC's Web site.

The transcribed text from the call is below.

"2-10, need you en route to the Grand Theater on Johnson, got an active
shooter over there.
Ok, let me know when you're done.
Will do, yeah I'll stay on it, take control of the scene whenever we're
allowed in.
16 Johnson (inaudible).
16, yeah.

Headquarters, unit X201, 11, 210, and unit 2, PD advised that inside the
theater now there is one person outside they said we can go to, but they
haven't given us a clear for the inside yet.
201, 10-4, one patient outside.
Unit 11, is the scene safe completely?
They say they're still securing the inside the building, they said we can
handle the one on the outside.

(inaudible) Headquarters, there's three units at the grand, it is safe to
enter, four patients total
11, 2-4
And 15-4, tell all units at the grand this advises as soon as possible to
get a patient condition status and we have an intake command 2-10, please
assume that.
Headquarters unit 16, when you arrive at scene, I've got two incidents at
that location, let me know if it's the same one, I believe that it will be.
Unit 11 to 16
16 copy, I'm guessing that was one (inaudible)
2-10, you said you had other patients in the theater, what you want me to do, go up in there?
Hang tight there, Margaret 11, 10-9"


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