Governor Edwards holds a ceremonial bill signing this afternoon for “Katie Bug’s Law.” It requires drug testing of all drivers involved in crashes that result in serious injury. Bossier City Senator Ryan Gatti says the bill is named for 4-year-old Katie Grantham who died in the days following a wreck in 2017.

“The driver who hit her had drugs and alcohol and other things in his car.  Because of the current state of the law, because Katie didn’t die at the scene, they couldn’t draw his blood to prove that’s he was incapacitated,” said Gatti.

The driver of the vehicle involved in the crash that killed Katie only pleaded guilty to running a red light.

Gatti says the new law brings justice to families who didn’t give up hope in trying to save the life of their loved ones.

“Folks that are fighting for the life of their child shouldn’t be penalized in the criminal system based on our evidentiary rules, so it’s a great day in Bossier,” said Gatti.

Gatti says to have the bill signed into law is a testament to the hard work of many, including Katie’s mother who regularly drove back and forth from Bossier to Baton Rouge to champion the legislation to prevent a similar tragedy happening to another family.

“She became an expert in this area of the law.  The bill signing is really a celebration of Morgan’s hard work to remember her daughter,” said Gatti.

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