Serving alcohol to minors is a punishable offense that's gotten one bar owner banned from his business.

IND Media reported today that John Slaughter, owner of The Keg on McKinley Street, is now banned for two years from operating the nightclub that's popular for college students and is known for catering to the underaged set.

His family is banned from having in involvement in the business, too.

Slaughter faced the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Monday after an April investigation uncovered minors under the age of 18 at the bar and a handful of instances of patrons under 21 being served alcohol.

It's the fifth offense for Slaughter, whose bar was closed for a month in December following a three-month undercover investigation that uncovered 60 instances of bartenders serving minors. That occasion also cost Slaughter — who bought The Keg in 2007 — a $10,000 fine.

The IND says more sanctions are likely for the bar, which will be subleased under the direction of ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert.

Three more Lafayette-area businesses also faced the ATC Monday:

  • Tuffy's Quick Stop. 1737 N. University Ave. Fifth offense of selling alcohol to minors.
  • Arcadian Bar and Grill. 302 Jefferson St. Third offense of selling alcohol to minors.
  • Jerseys. 811 Albertsons Pkwy. Broussard. Third offense of selling alcohol to minors.