A McKinley Street bar popular among local college students was shut down after the business was investigated Thursday by the state's Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert said The Keg was cited multiple times, and an emergency suspension of its liquor license was issued.

Investigators discovered three 17-year-old teens and two under the age of 21 were sold alcohol, Hebert said in a press release from his office.

Hebert said he sent agents to the bar after again hearing reports that minors were being allowed inside the premises and that some of them were being sold alcohol. During Thursday night's investigation, four minors in possession of alcohol were written criminal citations, Hebet said.

Less than four months ago, The Keg was briefly shut down for similar infractions, and the business was fined $10,000 for its fourth offense of alcohol sales to a minor. Hebert said The Keg "breached" a consent agreement to try and improve its compliance record.

A special hearing will be held in the near future to determine the fate of the bar's alcohol permit, Hebert said.