Senator John Kennedy blasted LSU President King Alexander, LSU Coach Ed Orgeron, and Governor Edwards on AM Baton Rouge for a fundraising event on campus where the football coach appeared to endorse Edwards’ reelection effort.

Kennedy says the move could set a dangerous precedent and taint LSU football’s image.

“It is a horrible mistake to politicize LSU and LSU football. I’m stunned that the candidate would even entertain, much less accept the endorsement.”

Edwards spokesman Eric Holl responded, saying “With all the problems facing our country, it’s downright embarrassing that this is what John Kennedy is worried about.”

The Senator says if the shoe was on the other foot, you’d hear serious protests from the Democrats.

“Now how would it look if i get probably the most prominent representative of one of our universities to endorse me at a fundraiser that i am having on the campus?”

Holl says “There’s a long record of coaches supporting candidates for elected office in Louisiana and other states, and they have the right to do so. Senator Kennedy needs to stop fussing about other people’s political preferences and do his job,”

Kennedy expressed concern that he doesn’t want to have to wonder whether a coach is a Democrat or a Republican, and says King’s decision to allow politics into the LSU football brand was unethical.

“We have a law that says our churches can’t get involved in politics, i guess we’re going to have to have one that says our football teams can’t. King ought to be ashamed to let this happen.”

Holl countered, saying “It’s troubling that a United States Senator and attorney believes that college coaches should be denied their First Amendment rights.”

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