Kevin Faulk is a legend in Acadiana, but is he loved even more in New England?

The former LSU star running back and Carencro legend played 13 years in the NFL, and he collected a couple Super Bowl rings with the Patriots. You don't have to like New England to love Kevin Faulk, and seeing him go into any Hall of Fame is a beautiful sight.

In his lengthy NFL career, Faulk collected 3,607 rushing yards, 3,701 receiving yards and 5,000 more total yards on special teams for the Patriots. He crossed the goal line for New England 33 times, matching the number he wore on his jersey.

The folks in New England grew to love Faulk for who he was, a hard-working, humble man who loved his Louisiana roots. Numerous times, he gathered his teammates around the dinner table for a taste of home, and his smile became a staple around the facility and in the community.

Patriots Hall of Fame were there to welcome him into the club, all wearing their red jackets. There was also a special guest who crashed the podium, who is sure to have his own place in the Hall of Canton, Ohio.

Faulk might be the biggest Tom Brady fan in the world, so it was no surprise Mr. Perfect himself stopped by to pay tribute to one of his favorite running backs.

Brady wore Faulk's jersey on the podium to repay a favor. Not only did Faulk wear Brady's jersey to the NFL Draft earlier this year to protest Brady's four game suspension, he even wore it to his own induction ceremony.

If there's any doubt of Faulk's status in New England, there are countless news stories of his body of work for the Patriots. Instead of listing them all for you to read, I'm going to let you hear how the local writers in Boston felt about him right after he retired.

Boston loves their sports heroes, and Faulk was one of the best.

It's hard not to like Faulk when you get to know him. As an athlete, he always played his role and was the definition of a team player. As a person, his passion and enthusiasm for bringing football to the youth of Acadiana is inspiring to watch. With all the success in his life, he still stays grounded...and smiling, always smiling.

Faulk will be remembered in Louisiana as one of the greatest running backs the high school game, and LSU fans, ever saw. The way he danced across the field, leaving defenders helpless, was a sight to behold in his prime. Even in his late years in the NFL, he made plays in crucial situations. With such a broad field of success to choose from, it's hard to pick out just one play to stand out.

It's hard to get a picture of a man through his highlights, which is why there will be a plaque by his name in the Patriots Hall of Fame. Next to all his football accomplishments, there should be a few sentences about the man behind the big smile. It won't be enough to tell his whole story, but it's certainly enough to make anyone who knew him proud.