On Friday, my colleagues and I were there to see, in person, the induction of one of our beloved leaders inducted into the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Often, terrific leaders are honored after their death, but we are lucky to have our friend with us so we can thank him for lighting a path for the future in broadcasting.

Mike was our General Manager and he was also a Regional Vice-President overseeing multiple markets. We were the lucky ones to spend each day with the boss in our presence. He was an excellent leader and he was brilliant when picking and nurturing new talent.

When Mike accepted his award on Friday, his speech was thankful and quick. Mike is the kind of person who doesn't wish to be in the spotlight, but he always worked hard to help the rest of us stand in the spotlight. He worked to help all of the rest of us to succeed. He also taught us it is just as important to play as hard as you work. He demanded the best of all of us, but also reminded us daily to enjoy life.

D.J. Digital had this to say on Friday,

20 years ago, I walked into a radio station as a DJ with a personality. Mike Grimsley is who taught me how to be a professional broadcaster.

Grimsley is the kind of person who nurtured not only the talent in us but the person as well. He listened, he cared, and he helped each of us pursue our dreams.

We say, "Thank you for everything, Mike".

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