The 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions are right around the corner. As both parties appear to have already selected their candidates for the upcoming election, the conventions will likely serve as an extended campaign commercial for each party's respective candidates. And if those extended commercials will be anything like the past few months of presidential campaigning you're not going to want to watch them sober.

The following is a guide to making the painful political double talk watchable. It's KPEL 96.5's Official Political National Convention Drinking Game. Enjoy responsibly.

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    Take A Sip

    If you see or hear the following you are required to take a sip of your beverage of choice.

    Take a sip when...

    • You see a shot of the candidate's family
    • You hear the phrase "Make no mistake"
    • You hear mention of "Healthcare/Obamacare/Romneycare"
    • You see a shot of a famous politician in attendance
    • You hear the phrase "Greed of Wall Street"
    • Somebody cries
    • You see a shot of a random celebrity
    • Somebody mentions "job creation/unemployment"
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    Take A Shot

    If you see or hear the following take a shot of the hard stuff.

    Take a shot when...

    • You hear the phrases "Upper class/wealthiest Americans/1%"
    • Candidates mention their youth
    • You hear the phrase "Holding America Hostage"
    • You hear mention of "Bin Laden/War on Terror/Iraq/Middle East"
    • You hear the phrase "Scare Tactics"
    • The candidates take a shot at their opposition
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    Finish Your Drink

    If you see or hear the following...bottoms up

    Finish your drink when...

    • You hear the phrase, "This is the fault of the Bush (or) Obama Administration"
    • You hear a speech from a "Real blue collar American"
    • Somebody kisses a baby

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