The Highway Safety Research Group has released its report that breaks down the data of Louisiana’s 2017 traffic reports that shows the state had 771 highway deaths last year, up slightly from 2016.  Executive Director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Lisa Freeman says the state has work to be done.

"We have work still to do on legislation, education, and enforcement on issues that relate to these fatality rates."

The main contributing factors in traffic fatalities were alcohol with 187 deaths and a low percentage use of safety belts, as 56% of all occupants who died in a crash weren’t wearing a safety belt.  Freeman says the impact of the traffic crashes, are denting both cars and the economy, with costs over $8 billion.

"Economically, it's disastrous, in addition to just the cost in human life."
Freeman says the state has seen a slight decrease in pedestrian deaths from 2016 to 2017, but says they still need to reach out to motorists to remember to share the road.
"Pedstrians are accounting for 15 percent of all the traffic fatalities. That's concerning."

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