With all the criticism New Orleans Sen. Karen Carter Peterson has been taking for her "it's about race" comments earlier this week, both from the La. GOP and from followers on her Facebook page, the La. Democratic Party Chair had remained quiet on the issue, even avoiding news reporters to do so, until now.

On her website, Sen. Peterson addresses her controversial comments and the backlash she received because of it. Read her statement below:

“I think we should judge a policy by its content, not the person proposing it. To be clear, I didn’t call any person 'racist.' Rather, I was simply relaying the truth about conversations I’ve had with my colleagues and the factors they considered on the expansion of Medicaid. While others are using this as an opportunity to take my comments out of context in order to distract from the true issue, I think it’s critical that we focus on the substance of the policy because it’s the right thing to do for Louisiana. Expanding health care access is a vital issue for the people of Louisiana, no matter what it’s called or who offers it. The Republican Party and even our very own Governor have chosen to twist my words."

Speaking of Governor Jindal, he had this to say about Sen. Peterson's comments this week:

"Look, I think it is pathetic to try to reduce every issue down to race.

The reality is, when you listen to what the chairman of the Democratic Party here in Louisiana had to say; she said those that disagree with the President, especially those that disagree on the issue of Obamacare were motivated by race.

When you think about that she’s basically saying those of us that disagree with the implementation of Obamacare, the expansion of Medicaid in our state are racist.

I think that’s wrong. I think there are many, many people in Louisiana, in both political parties that disagree with Obamacare, that think it was poorly written, poorly conceived, poorly executed, don’t agree with this law.  I don’t think they are racist.

I have seen, I have travelled the state, I have visited with many people in our state.  They are goodhearted people, they are not racist.

I think it is wrong; I think they judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I think it is wrong to reduce this issue to race."

Below is a video of what Gov. Jindal said: