The LA Wallet App has a few new tricks up it’s sleeve. Now, Louisiana residents who’ve purchased the app that features a digital copy of your driver’s license will be able to verify the suspension status, whether or not someone is of the legal age from across the room, if they agree to it. Envoc President Calvin Fabre says it’s useful for everyone from ride share customers to real estate agents, but first.

“Each party has to be approving of that validation transaction. It only communicates where they are valid or not, whether they are over 21 or not, and then you get to pick if you want to tell them your name or your drivers license number.”

That’s raised some fears that the new functionality could lead to security breaches and the transmission of private information to people who shouldn’t have it. Fabre says they put layers of security on the service, and consulted privacy advocates.

“The ACLU, the Libertarian Party, and all of our fourth amendment friends (helped). Our app does not transmit data to any other device, or any law enforcement, or any other peaking eyes.”

And in other LA Wallet news, Fabre says they’re almost finished getting official permission that will allow bars to take nothing but your wallet app when you’re out on the town.

“We do have verbal approval from Alcohol and Tabacco Control. They have been trained on accepting LA Wallet.”

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