In 1995, an angel appeared to local artist Linda Schafer while she was praying, and this event changed everything for her.

Schafer was inducted into The Order of Living Legends this past Sunday.

The artist was praying for her daughter back so many years ago when an angel appeared to answer her prayers.

Schafer painted the angel, and that was the first angel painting, and the artist has been painting every since that time.

In the years to come, Linda Schafer began to paint miracles that happened to her, and she would also paint scenes of miracles that were told to her.

The stories and paintings were stirring to people, and the woman's work was inspirational to so many people.

Through the years, Schafer has been a truly giving spirit as she has generously donated paintings to organizations throughout the years for their fundraising efforts.

Schafer is now working on a book about all of the amazing stories behind her beautiful art.