Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce President Jason El Koubi said Lafayette residents want a "common vision" for the school system and for the school system's school board and superintendent to set aside their differences for the benefit of the system's children.

"The vast majority of people say let the school board set the policy and let the superintendent and the administrative team manage the day-to-day issues," El Koubi said.

The chamber president also suggested there was "strong support" for Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper's Turnaround Plan, a plan El Koubi said is "research-based."

The common vision "provides a path forward that's focused on student achievement and student preparedness as the paramount goal of our school system," El Koubi said.

This common vision was developed through a series of community round tables, during which teachers, staff, parents, school board members, business and non-profit leaders participated.

"We really had a diverse cross-section of this community," El Koubi said. "What was interesting about this is that our community agrees on a whole lot more than it disagrees on."

They then looked at published research to determine what works in education systems throughout the country.

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