Education is "one of the most fundamental factors in terms of the overall quality of life," according to Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce President Jason El Koubi. As a result, the chamber is working to build a "common vision" in regards to education.

Quality education has a "profound impact" on quality of life, and ensuring that type of education has become a big priority for the chamber as school board elections near, El Koubi said.

Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper needs to be allowed to implement the community's "100 Percent In, 100 Percent Out Plan," El Koubi said, and the community wants to "secure a school board with a common vision."

"Public schools are a huge part of what causes people to move here, to stay here," El Koubi said. "They're also a huge part of what determines our future prosperity, our future health, the quality of opportunity, the quality of place we have as a community."

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