Lafayette Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Rob Guidry visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and offered comments on the soon-to-be completed rum distillery in Jeff Davis Parish and the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan.

Guidry noted that the Louisiana Legislature had to eliminate an arcane law that only allowed rum to be distilled in Orleans Parish before funding and construction could begin on the Jeff Davis Parish distillery.

In regards to the Vision Statement of the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan, Guidry noted that the plan mostly mirrored a study conducted by The Baton Rouge Area Foundation.  According to Guidry,

"Five years ago, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation came to Lafayette and  all of the communities along Interstate 10 and suggested we conduct a study on the I-10 and I-12 corridor to see what all the communities had in common and what we could do together.  In the end it had the same exact results in the study that this Comprehensive Plan's vision statement included."

Guidry said the plan as formulated by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation included suggestions to market the entire corridor along I-10 and I-12 which would be more cost effective than each community marketing separately.

Listen to the interview: