The city of Lafayette will soon be losing a longstanding public servant. After spending 35 years with the Chamber of Commerce, including 25 years as CEO, Rob Guidry will be retiring from his position.

Outgoing Chamber CEO Rob Guidry joined City-Parish President Joey Durel on “Mornings with Ken and Bernie” for Durel's weekly “Lafayette Live” segment to discuss Guidry's career as well as the Chamber of Commerce and it's impact on both government and business.

A grateful Joey Durel spoke fondly of the impact Rob Guidry has had on both the city of Lafayette and Durel's own career.

I was chairman of the board in 2001, came up the ranks with rob steering and leading the way the whole time. He's a had a huge impact in my life as he's played a role in what i'm doing today. - Joey Durel

As Chamber of Commerce CEO for 25, Guidry has overseen the influence of government in business within the community for many years, though he admits that many don't understand the roll of the Chamber of Commerce within the government.

I'm often asked why the Chamber is involved in government and why we're involved in politics. The answers really is that the decisions that impact business are done in the halls of government, whether it's the federal, state, or local government.

In many cases a lot of decision are made without consideration of unintended consequences of what the decisions will do to businesses. All to often the small businessman is too busy keeping the doors open to keep an eye out on legislation. - Rob Guidry

Guidry explained that the Chamber of Commerce is a liaison between government and business. Something Guidry feels is of the utmost importance for community growth.

You can look at a community that's a winning community and it's pretty much a pro-business community that respects and looks forward to the input from business. - Rob Guidry

City-Parish President Joey Durel agreed adding that no matter what government does in the community, "if our people don't have jobs, then they are out of here".

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